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The Estate

Golf remains at the heart of Erinvale, but the club house is also close to tennis courts and there are more courses and courts in and around Somerset West, along with four lawn bowling clubs and other sports and keep-fit facilities. There is even polo and croquet.

Erinvale Properties : Lifestyle

You can simply enjoy the tranquility, bathe and stroll the beach, or take to colour coded and graded trails and climbs ranging from 30 minutes to eight hours in the adjoining Helderberg Nature Reserve (it includes the mountain). The area has a wealth of bird life - see the black eagle, as captured in logo on Erinvale literature - and is home to a few bontebok.

On the roads, little families of guinea fowl or francolins are common sights, scattering clumsily in front of patient drivers. Here and there after nightfall, an owl hoots.

Erinvale Properties : Lifestyle

Erinvale is a low density estate, its maturity reflected in the trees and gardens. Along road verges and pedestrian paths, century-old oak trees have been preserved. Home owners were allowed a fair degree of individuality within architectural and aesthetic parameters, with happy results. Matters arising from meetings of their association, and other happenings of interest are communicated through The Erinvale News.

Erinvale Properties : Lifestyle

The village enjoys a cosmopolitan population, nearly half originating from overseas - English, Germans and Irish figuring prominently. They are an asset to the wider community and their contribution includes support of the ECHO organization, which assists underprivileged youths to develop their full potential.

Erinvale Breakfast Hike

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Within Walking Distance

There are groups to pursue a range of interests including music, theatre, art, books, bridge and chess. Then, of course, this is wine country, with a dozen close estates to be explored for quality, variety and price. There is South African and other cuisine to be enjoyed. The independent Erinvale Hotel and Spa is just outside the gate and historic Vergelegen and Morgenster - which also produces olive oil - are within walking distance.

A Short Drive Away

Erinvale Properties : Beach : Cape Town   Erinvale Properties : Helderberg Mountain
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